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HIGH POINT, NC, April 14 – Contra Designs of West Michigan unveils a colorful ensemble of one-of-a-kind custom statement pieces at High Point Furniture Market in the Suites At Market Square, T-729, Top Floor. Denna Arnold, the company’s owner and visionary, applies an innovative painting technique that transforms ordinary hardwood into extraordinary pieces of fine art. Her secret? It’s all in the grain.

Painting furniture has traditionally been about covering up the wood, but Denna does the opposite. She highlights it in harmonious collaboration with her artistic hero, Mother Nature. Studying the movement of the raw grain, she says the wood comes alive in her head, mapping out an artistic treasure trove that tells the client’s story.

With extensive knowledge of furniture and fashion design and an MFA in Illustration, you could say Denna brings a lot to the table. Her team of master wood and metalworkers creates the forms that become her canvas, whether it be a table, countertop, chairs, or anything, really.

“Artistic flare can really set the tone in a room. When you’re surrounded by neutrals and you bring in a bold statement piece that’s bursting to tell a story—that’s when it all comes together,” says Denna. “A kitchen table, for example, is a family gathering spot; where conversations begin, relationships grow and memories are made. I incorporate that concept into each piece. Every detail carries significance, culminating in a unique family ‘tree.’ This isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s a coveted family heirloom.”

Contra Designs provides fully custom wood statement pieces enriched by colorful, hand painted illustrations. Using an innovative technique that enhances the natural wood grain, rather than covering it, we transform ordinary hardwood into extraordinary conversations.
Be bold. Contrast the norm.